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Composable Vue 3

Brief intro to the Composition API, along with some tips/pattern for writing good composable functions.

Anthony Fu

Vue.js Core Team member

Anthony Fuis member of Vue.js and Vite.js. Passionate about making tools and improving DX.


Nuxt.js and the Composition API

Vue 3 and the Composition API are out for a bit now... but what is about Server-Side Rendering with the composition API, especially when using Nuxt.js? In this talk, we take a look at use cases and features of the Nuxt Composition API module.

Alexander Lichter

Web Development Consultant @ Developmint

Alexander Lichteris a Nuxt.js core-team member and full-stack developer in his twenties. When not working on open-source projects, he gives talks at conferences, writes blog posts or consults other companies on web development with a focus on Vue.js and Nuxt.js.


The magical combination for creating a modern website.

I recently rebuilt the site with several tools, the combination of which is ideal for modern web development. I’m excited about the result of the revamp. Let’s see how long that thrill lasts!

Tim Benniks

MASTER OF CEREMONIES - Principal Developer Advocate @ Uniform

Tim Bennikshas worked at different agencies in Amsterdam and Paris over the past fifteen years. He has been lucky enough to have had global clients like Nike, Heineken, Google, Tommy Hilfiger, EA Games, Chanel, Proctor & Gamble, Louis Vuitton and Hermès. Nowadays, Tim is Principal Developer Advocate at Uniform where he works on developer relations, community building and content creation. Next to a job at a start-up Tim also does work in the developer community by speaking at conferences, creating content and collaborating with startups like Cloudinary, Prismic, Algolia, Zeplin and NuxtJS. It’s all about quality, community and building fancy websites. A demanding job also needs balancing. Tim plays guitar and loves family time with his wife, cats and a little corgi called Princess Nugget.


A sneak peek into the future headless eCommerce

Join us as we look into our crystal ball and predict the future! Jamstack brought us the decoupled (not dystopian 😇) architecture. This new wave of SaaS products and services is here to stay. The advantages are clear: - better UX - better DX - faster websites - more effective development - previews with real-time editing experience - no need to know everything - we can focus! It’s clear that the industry will see continued growth in Jamstack & headless. Join me to learn how to take advantage of these technologies to build an eCommerce solution with Nuxt, Vue Storefront, BigCommerce and Storyblok, the headless CMS.

Samuel Snopko

Head of DevRel @ Storyblok

Samuel Snopkois responsible for the developer relations at Storyblok. As the headless system's head of devrel, he spends most of his time buried in the documentation and creating various experiments and demos. He always defines himself as Creative FrontEnd Knight & DesignOps enthusiast with a passion for JAMStack and the beautiful web. As a determined community believer, he co-created multiple meetups and is always happy to help any community in need.


A Better Design-Dev Handoff Experience: Code-based Design System

The Design-Dev handoff workflow has always been a tricky part of our work: It's never easy to 100% replicate the design with code and it's hard to maintain interface consistency on the long run with a graphic-based design system. However, designers and developers have a lot of ideas in common: designers put a lot of effort on interface consistency and developers would like to have a clean infrastructure with reusable components. How about we fill the gap between design and dev and work together in a unified workflow? In this talk, we will explore the idea of translating your graphic-based design system to a new code-based system with a better design-dev handoff experience.

James Heda Weng

Product Manager & Lead Designer @ StyleSage

James Heda WengPhD of Fine Arts, Product Manager & Lead Designer @ StyleSage, Lecturer @ Nebrija University. 7+ years of work experience as UX/UI designer, Frontend Developer & Product Manager.


Testing with Vite and the Cypress Component Test Runner

Introducing Cypress's NEW Component Test Runner. We'll demonstrate an exciting, fast, and visual developer workflow built on top of Vite and Cypress's new Component Test Runner.

Jessica Sachs

Tech Lead @

Jessica Sachsis tech Lead of Component Testing, Vue Mastery Instructor, and Maintainer of Vue Test Utils


Introducing Vuex in your project

How to add and use Vuex in an existing project without going crazy, also adding tests, which never hurts.

Denny Biasiolli

Full Stack Developer

Denny BiasiolliIn love with sport and technology